Business Portrait Samples

by Edgeton Photo Life In Focus LLC


Business portraits on your business cards, your brochures or on your website are likely the first thing potential clients will see. First impressions matter, that is why it is so important to always have an updated photo of yourself. We recommend having a new portrait every two years.

A great business portrait is going to make you stand out and gain the trust of the potential client enough to motivate them to call you. Remember your photo is your professional image and brand, one that conveys you as a leading expert in your field. How you want to be perceived by your prospective client will be reflected in your photo. Do you want to look professional, yet warm and friendly? Maybe you want to be more casual and creative, it all depends on you, your type of business and how you want to be perceived.

We would be happy to discuss with you, your professional image goals and how we can help you. Think about your current customer base, are they mostly professional people or do they have more casual jobs? Do you typically mirror their choice of look or do you always dress very professionally?

A few tips about business clothing selection to think about. Solid colors are always best from gray, blue, black or darker brown as they bring attention more to the face. We would strongly suggest long sleeves in most circumstances as short sleeves and bare arms distract the attention from the face.

We typically come on-site to your location and set up our portable backdrops. We currently have medium gray and black as these are typically favorite colors and helps to make your image stand out. Our sessions include color correction, minor retouching and your choice of 3 images for $150. per person.   Additional retouching services such as teeth whitening, laugh lines reduced, hair color or makeup changes is available at additional cost of $30. 

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